Please note, the Board is a voluntary position. We will do our best to address any issues/concerns as quickly as possible, however, in addition to our Board responsibilities, we also have full-time jobs and responsibilities to our families. Your patience is truly appreciated!
John Castellano-President, Executive Committee, Membership Coordinator, District #1 Liaison, All-Star Committee, Local Rules Committee
Adam Keefner-Vice President, Executive Committee, Scheduling Coordinator, Co-Equipment Coordinator, School Town of Munster Liaison
Scott Spencer-Treasurer, Executive Committee, Local Rules Committee
Katie Jurcik-Secretary, Executive Committee, Fundraising Committee, Co-League Information Officer, Webmaster, Special Events Committee, Manager Selection Committee
Chuck Mamich-Player Agent, Executive Committee, All-Star Committee
Brad Caddick-All-Star Commissioner, Coaching Coordinator, Manager Selection Committee, All-Star Committee, Munster Parks/Town Liaison
Johnny Craig-C League Commissioner, Umpire In Chief
Kyle Dempsey-Minors Commissioner, Insurance Coordinator, All-Star Committee, Local Rules Committee
Gordy Gouveia-Tee Ball Commissioner, Prep Commissioner, Local Rules Committee
Michelle McGee-Grounds Director, Co-Equipment Coordinator, Practice Schedule Coordinator, District #1 Liaison,Local Rules Committee
Rick O'Connell-Majors Commissioner, Player Evaluations Coordinator, Co-Equipment Coordinator, District #1 Liaison, School Town of Munster Liaison, All-Star Committee
Ashley Rubio-Fundraising Committee, Co-League Information Officer, Special Events Committee, Manager Selection Committee
John Wodynski-Manager Selection Committee, Local Rules Committee

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